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On February 27, 2019 multiple community members attended the Department of Employment Services Oversight Hearing. This hearing focuses on what is working or not working within this agency. At this hearing what we heard loud and clear is that workers are getting cheated out of their wages, loosing hours, and struggling to survive in DC because of the low wages they receive and the high cost of housing.  Project Retail was at this hearing and submitted testimony supporting five important demands from the Just Pay Coalition:
  • Increase the number of Education Partnerships DOES has with Community Organizations!
    • There are several community members who do not know they can fight money being taken out of their pockets through nonpayment of overtime, having someone clock out and continue work, and in many others ways by employers.
  • Increase the public awareness about their rights as workers!
    • Increase ads, public service announcements, and other media materials about paid sick and safe days, minimum wage increase, and other wage issues.
  • Make sure workers are protected against retaliation when the report wage theft or other employment issues to DOES!
    • Develop a policy to respond to retaliation claims within 48 hours of them being reported.
  • Ensure that all workers including workers who speak another language are able to access support at DOES!
    • Make sure when workers show up at DOES they are able to communicate with staff and make sure all ads are shown in multiple languages
  • Pursuit full penalties against employer who have violations including wage theft!
    • Make employers pay full penalties when they violate the law in order to support workers and deter other employers from the same practices.
If you want to get involved or are unsure if you have had wages stolen from you please reach out us.
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