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Last week The  DC Council’s Committee on Workforce Development marked up the Department of Employment Services budget. There were some changes that include more job training, out of school time programs, and adult education programs. There was also some funding added to make sure employees can receive education on the rights while working in DC. DC workers have a right to take time off if they are sick or a family member is sick and have to be paid for at least 4 hours of work. These are just some of the rights that workers in DC have that will be a part of the education that needs to occur for people who are working.  The last important part of the mark up was that we want to let you know about is the suggested policy changes that would improve the time and process for wage claims and proactively go after businesses that are in violations of labor laws. If you are interested in making sure that your rights as workers in DC are not being violated please feel free to reach out to us. Also, if you know retail stores that are in violation of labor laws and stealing workers wages, time, and breaks please let us know so we can support these workers.
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