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Brian has worked in the retail/food industry for the last 6 years. He is a founding member of Project Retail who recently reconnected with the work after realizing he still wanted to do work to help other worker. Project Retail invites you to learn more about Brian and why he is doing this work.

Working in the retail industry, my experiences have been an emotional, physical, and mental rollercoaster. I’ve worked at Wendy’s, American eagle, Kroger, Starbucks, Shake Shack, and Chipotle. I have been in the retail side of business for 6 years and I can honestly say it has been a challenging experience; especially when it comes to receiving adequate hours, having fair management, and receiving sufficient break times.

One of the BIGGEST issue I’ve have seen when it comes to working retail is employees not getting enough hours to provide for them and their families, the treatment of staff; those in higher positions dictate to the employees what to do instead of delegating what needs to be done, and the slashing of hours as a WHOLE when those who’re scheduled fail to come to work in a timely fashion or not at all. The staff who does the work but doesn’t earn the recognition or credit that motivates staff to come to work.

As a retail/food worker, the changes I would like to see is fairness across the board when it comes to taking corrective actions against those that fail to follow protocol— meaning not to make an example of somebody, giving equal and fair hours to staff; since we are the guys on the front line putting in the work to enhance guest experiences, and management following up with staff members when a concern is brought to the upper Management attention.

I made the decision to return as a member of project retail because I’ve been in several situations where I’ve been fired for being the voice of reason for the team, my hours were taking a beating, and to help fight against wage theft and unfair and poor management. I also joined Project Retail because I like when a group of young individuals band and stand together to take action against retail companies who are misrepresenting a brand and abuse the staff behind closed doors! At the end of the day our generation and the generation after us will have to live with the consequences if WE as retail workers don’t fight and fix what is messed up- we will continue to be harassed by management in a unprofessional way, hours will continue to dwindle, and we will continuously be unhappy with our place of work. That’s the reason why I joined Project Retail.

I think other retail workers should join Project Retail for a few reasons, the first being retail team members should always be treated fairly and equally— with the support you’ll give you’ll greatly increase the decision making process of having a better environment to work in. I believe that’s key. Secondly, with power comes great responsibility, it is our job to make people have a open ear to the ground when problems with scheduling, pay, hours, your manager(s) and fairness arises.

There are many other workers who have similar experiences to Brian. That also means there are many workers who have the ability to join Project Retail and fight for workers’ rights in retail. If you are interested in becoming a member of Project Retail or learning more about our work please contact us. Working with strong fighters like Brian is the first step to making sure those coming after us WILL NOT have to suffer the consequences of workers being taking advantage and having their rights violated. 

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