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Poverty wages combined with high rent cost and very few opportunities have caused retail workers across the district to live in a constant state of struggle. We’ve had Enough!

Vision and Mission Statement

Project Retail is building a movement that is reflective of all needs and demands of local retail workers. We will educate, agitate, and take direct action until we win everything that we deem necessary to thrive as retail workers.

We are demanding secure living wages, access to affordable and safe public transportation, ideal working and living conditions, living wages, and free and fair opportunities to organize our workplaces.

Core Values


We hold high those who are fighting to survive systems that are oppressive. The collective needs of all those who are a part of project retail will be the foundation of how each decision that is made. We are dedicated to ensuring that in unity we are working to dismantle the systems that are contributing to the fight the collective.


We believe that being clear, open, and honest about the process for making decisions about project retail is crucial in respecting each member. We will be specific in the directions, projects, and definitions of all aspects of project retail’s work.


We recognize the daily struggles that capitalism places in each of our lives. We are committed to loving, supporting, and honoring one another as we work toward social, economic, and environmental liberation. We will remain in honesty, truth, transparency and continue to hold one another accountable as we collectively struggle for our freedom.


As a collective we are dedicated to ensuring that each person in project retail will be held responsible for each role they have agreed to fulfill for the coalition. We will honor this value by respecting each other through ensuring that we are holding each other responsible for both our individual task but also the task we undertake as a collective.

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